This is a first beta version (V0.1.1). Work in progress.

Welcome to Unify CSS free and modern framework

Create a beautiful and professional website - no code or design experience is needed.

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The easier way to build your app or website

Modern components

Stay on trend with the latest design styles, with regular free updates.

Mode light & dark

Shipped with different beautiful color themes, enabled according to the user preference.

New elements

Shapes and elements without dependencies, package manager, external files or libraries.

A set of modern, responsive CSS components that you can use in your web project.

Using a CSS framework can save time and effort by providing a solid foundation for building a website, and can help ensure that the resulting website is consistent and professional-looking.

Pixel-perfect design

Unify comes with a premium HTML website and a free Figma design to help you from scratch or template.

Native HTML elements

Unify framework comes with handful of powerful modules, that is easy to setup, customize and really fun to use.

Create responsive layouts

Unify is a 100% responsive design, built with HTML, CSS, and JS. The code is simple to understand and easy to change.

What people are saying about us. Client testimonials and reviews

Our customers share their experiences. Check out our reviews and testimonials section to see what our customers are saying.

"I've never used a framework that has combined speed, efficiency, and security."

Stella Smith
San Francisco Inc.

"Excellent tool. I am extremely impressed with its functionality and ease of use".

Ernest Smith
San Francisco Inc.

"The interface and code are clean and intuitive, and I love the ability to easily create".

Monica Smith
San Francisco Inc.
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Unify Framework Templates

Unify comes with a premium website and a free Figma design to help you from scratch.

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Unify Page Builder

Effortlessly create professional-looking websites with our intuitive drag-and-drop page builder.

Coming Soon

Unify CMS Editor

Revolutionize your web-building experience with our CMS. No code experience is needed.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Framework CSS?

A CSS framework is a pre-prepared library or set of standardized files that can be used as the basis for building web designs. CSS frameworks are designed to provide a consistent and structured approach to styling webs and apps.

What are the requirements when I purchase a license?

We don't require any attributions. Precisely, you don't need to credit Unify or linking back to us if you use any template for your commercial or client projects.

Can I host, redistribute or resell a template?

No, you cannot host, redistribute, or resell any template from our libraries. For more information about our license, please have a look at our list of Rights and Prohibitions, or contact us directly if you've questions.

Can I use the free templates for my personal project?

Yes, you can use the free templates in your personal project. Use by you for a personal project, in a single end product for which end users are not charged. Read More.

Am I allowed to modify the item that I purchased?

Yes, you can customize our items to fit the needs of your end product, but you must to purchase a premium license first. Use by you or one client, in a single end product for which end users can be charged. Read More.

If I'm not happy with my purchase, can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of our digital goods, refunds are issued on a very discretionary basis! If you would like to learn more about our refund policy please have a look at our list of Acceptable Reasons For Refund.

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